Friday 15th January 2021

A command line program is built on commands and is run from the terminal. The Command Line Interface (CLI) of the program facilitates access to it's functionality by typing commands at the terminals.

Today I have been mostly getting to grips with coding a command line interface(CLI).

It's taken me down a few rabbit holes...

  1. argparse - Parser for command-line options, arguments and sub-commands
  2. Click - a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way with as little code as necessary.
  3. column command in Linux
  4. The os module.
  5. Formatted text in Linux Terminal using Python.
  6. Python file handling

Puzzling out how to make the output of the program print in a multi-column format similar to the output of the ‘ls’ command on Linux based systems. Still scratchin' my head...

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