Saturday 16th January 2021

It's 1451 hrs. On my break at work. Feeling good. Helps to have enough sleep.

Work is enjoyable. Helping people feel better in themselves. Enhancing their experience of the day to day during their admission to hospital. That's what I do in a nutshell.

Sounds easy? Knowing the person. Tuning to the emotional content of peoples' speech and behaviour helps. Figuring out what matters, what's important to that person. Acting on that insight.

I can and want to do this for most people I get involved with. Most people. There are those who seem unreachable. Every effort to connect is either ignored or rebuffed.

This used to leave me feeling a bit useless, inadeqaute and resentful. Been a while now though.

All it took was to process rejection with an acceptance of us all being flawed in some ways; of a back story not shared. Rejection may often reveal more about the person rejecting than it does about what's being rejected.

That's what comes to mind for now. It's 1518hrs. Time to go back to work.

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