Saturday 23rd January 2021

Python CLI

Spent some time this week learning more about coding a command line interface. Settled on using Typer. Learned about and how to code CLI arguments, commands and options; more about Pythons os module, something about egrep and much more about the Linux ls command. Also learned how to create a Python package with Poetry so anyone can install it and have it as an independent program that they can use in their terminal. The repo for it's here on GitHub.

Feels like the start of a new chapter. Moving on from learning the syntax, semantics and lexican of Python and starting to see the way to building something that might even be useful.


Have you been tested? Have you reported the results of your lateral flow tests? Are you going to have the vaccine?

The majority take seems to be to comply with implied expectations. Those that do not are challenged and questioned. The shadow of coercion by populist aquiesence is barely being noticed.

I was asked if I 'believed in covid'. This was prompted having said I was not willing to disclose my vaccine statu. I am also agnostic and regularly spoil my ballot paper.

What would you think if the headlines about the trial successes had read “Shot Reduces COVID-19 Risk by 0.7%” instead of “COVID-19 Shot 95% Effective”? ref


Anyone who has tried to meditate will know that thoughts naturally occur without deliberate intention and often for a good while before even being noticed.

Given the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviour it makes sense to have some awareness of them.

So to stereotypes. Accept you have them and acknowledge their absurdity. It might lead to something good. A few laughable examples that come to my mind...

Italy: Pasta, football, bling, models, fast cars, fast talking, corruption, unreliable, good weather, a boot.

France: Snails, the Eiffel Tower, berets, 2nd world war, the French Resistance, secularism, free speech, arrogance, rudeness, smoking, onions.

Germany: Efficient, abrupt, confident, superior, tough, sausages, the language.

Russia: Massive, tough, hard living, vodka, macho, the language, snow, communism (legacy - architecture and industry), oligarchs, corruption, harshness, babushkas.

England: Pompous, dishonest, cruel, countryside, lanes, self serving deference and sell outs, history, manipulative, exploitative, music, shameful legacy, innovation.

Australia: Largely empty, hot, dangerous animals, can do attitude, down to earth, big houses, racist, dodgy background, polluter.

China: Harsh, authoritarian, efficient, ruthless, introspective, belligerent, secretive, protectionist, massive, dramatic, powerful, horrific animal food trade, cultured.

America: Big, dramatic, scenic, brash, clumsy, largely capable, bully, selfish, overbearing, entitled, polluting.

Africa: Exploited, diverse, massive, can do, superstitious, misguided, innovative, sell out.

Central America: Dangerous, outlawed, criminal, cigars, cocaine, swamps, humid, late nights, bars, survival, getting by.

India: Crowded, polluter, exploited and exploitative, corruption, paternalistic misogyny, misguided, cultured, can do, innovative, manipulative, self serving survival.

South America: The Amazon, military and right wing governments, cigars, carnival, Spain, Portugal, humid, big, laissez-faire.

Spain: Overconfident, unaware, semiprofessional, bullfighting, flamenco, tomato, siesta.

Mexico: Hot, dusty, corrupt, dangerous, drugs, guns, poor living standards, tequila, cocaine, food, sombreros, big moustaches.

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