Wednesday 27th January 2021

Once a year the bicycle and car are professionally serviced. This year the car was £432.00 and the bike closer to £500. It's worth it to have them both knocked back into shape for another twelve months.

I told a new staffer they are good to work with. A welcome addition to the team. That's because they step into to assist when the opportunity arises. Helpful without keeping count. A good way to be.

Made surprisingly quick progress on coding a CLI to scrape links from a url or list of urls. None of the well known modules available to do so were used. The biggest function in terms of code generates an xml site map based on urls scraped. 90% of that function was taken from code developed by someone else. Tweaked it a bit but mostly not mine.

This prompted me to consider that it's routine to use imported and built in modules; is this any different? Good practice for learning is of course to read through and work on understanding code used like this.

I am currently resisting getting back to and completing the project. There is most likely something in that. Resisting what is obviously the most correct course of action. Maybe not! That would be to complete self assessment tax returns with just a few days left before the submission deadline. Arghh! Don't feel a bit like doing either!

Anticipating delivery of a Rocketbook Flip today. Hoping I shall find a way to upload notes to Standard Notes from the app that comes with it. Could be a fun and possibly useful addition to the repertoire of tools for recording, storing and working things out with handwriting. Don't think it's open source which I regret not having considered before clicking buy. I'd like to remember to do so with such purchases in the future.

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