Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Your individual decisions and habits count, no matter how small they may seem. Similar actions taken by lots of people have a big impact.

Evolution is perhaps better when it's slow enough to not notice happening.

Many people think that the industrialised rearing and slaughter of animals for food is distasteful and harmful to the environment. They still eat meat though. I don't get that. Get over bacon. Taste is only a sensation.

I don't get why when people become aware of and accept the science on climate change they fail to do much to reduce their carbon footprint.

It makes no sense why aspiration and acquisition are seen as positive states. Seems like it will always leave you wanting for more.

Convenience and quick wins over sustainability and symbiosis is one road to ruin. How come we choose not to do what we often know is right? Does it come from thinking that what we do as individuals does not matter that much?

Our choices and decisions matter. To those making them and to the collective called human. Turn off autopilot and think about the greater good.

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