Monday 8th February 2021

Finished the 100 push up plan last week on Friday. Second time round. This iteration from day 1 week 4. Best effort to date is 80 without a break. Started again today from day 1 week 1 using the perfect push up handles. Just finished today's effort with the boys. Feels a lot harder like this. Feels like more effort on the arms with the improved form the handles promote. Max today on the last set was 15.

self efficacy
Spent some time yesterday and today thinking about and filling in workbooks to help with realising priorities, planning goals and creating some helpful habits to live by.

As much as these things appeal to me I have often stopped short of following through the process. Not this time. Surprised how engaged I quickly became. The resources I used were kindly published by Christine Carter. Feeling enthused about about getting my bearings and adjusting my heading.

Spent a few hours over the weekend sorting out the NextCloudPi install. I have the NC bootloader and database on a USB drive plugged into a Raspberry Pi. The USB drive died along with an external HDD I sync NC snapshots to along with backed up NC config file. Seems a bit of a coincidence that the HDD went at or around the same time as the USB drive.

Nothing was lost. I was able to recover all files from the snapshots I had saved to the HDD used to store the NC data on. The config settings were simple enough to remember. Formatted the HDD that failed and got it working again. It would be sensible to replace it soon.

A fresh NCP image flashed to a new USB drive. Used the occasion to switch out the Raspbery 3b+ for a Raspberry 4. All back up and humming along nicely. It's noticeably faster in loading resources.

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