Tuesday 9th March 2021

It's been a couple of weeks since the last journal. That's okay. Just start again. Not the first time being I am human.

Same applies for most endeavours. The gap between intention and action. Consistency is the gold standard. Cutting down time between stopping and starting again is a good enough strategy.

You are as one, god and the devil. Among those who have you incarcerated there are some with malevolent intent. One of them is a shape shifter. Their leopard eyes and changing face gives them away. They try to project psychosis into your brain. You fight it off. That's very tiring. You wear a cloth over you head. Does not always work. You have justified the use of lethal violence to protect yourself should it be necessary.

Something I have become involved with. Not a typical work day problem.

Listening to a podcast this morning about habits. The focus was on the power of habits and mechanism to develop them. All sound research based ideas. There was a bit of 'power up your productivity' hyperbole about it. Nothing though was spoken about what can make us vulnerable to dropping habits we had assumed had become established.

Changes in routine. That's a big one for me. Swapping each month between working days and nights. A change of environment. How many habits fade away during a holiday away? Sickness and fatigue. So many more.

Recognise and accept the humanity in your being and endeavours. Understand that resolve and intention are finite. Forgive yourself for being human. Start again. Pick up where you left off. It still counts.

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