may 9 2019

I woke up today early at like 4:40 but went back to sleep. woke up again at 6:20. mom had left Stella outside which made life easier. listened to music all morning. amy (my ride) was late. I was almost late for bio test. made it. test was easy.

rest of day was just playing on my computer. total boredom...

got home, took stella out, ended up having to backwash the pool, talked to father about wi-fi...

sara (babysitter for this week) got me chick-fil-a and i ate it up. she brought her boyfriend for some damn reason. maybe she wanted the dicc in the bed here? idk man.

earlier i promised louie that i'd give him a gift (which will be a vid of me sucking a 3d-printed dildo wearing my new girl's hoodie because it'll be cute. i'll set up a camera and everything.) might be on sunday since saturday is new net day and i can't really film porn while father is on my ass.

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