may 10 2019

today's friday so that's good i guess. not too much notable happened today. used a shit ton of my hotspot because i did nothing in class... as of recent that's bgigabeen the norm i guess.

english was just goofing off on wikipedia and discord, also researching routers, esp. wifi 6 capable ones

whap was just more of that, but after i finished a test and w/o discord because ppl are behind me in there

bio was just discording and internet fucking around as well because i dont have my binder with me to organize

geometry was a quick assignment then i was able to fuck around for 40 minutes.

got home, ate dinner once father got here, all around today just wasn't too exciting.

tmrw gigabit should be getting installed... and i'm gonna try again to convince father to try a router instead of this complex mesh networking because fuck orbis

except the fact they give me stronger wifi because i am using ethernet and their huge wifi reciever shit


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