may 12 2019

another (weekend day) (passes)

and another one down and another one down


i really don't do jack shit on the weekends. had chicken biscuits for breakfast, tenders for lunch, and idk what i'll have for dinner... possibly nothing but we all know that's bullshit. what am i at, 200 lbs?

wasn't able to make the gift for louie because i'm lazy... still don't know how long it'll take to print out. instead i've shot some porn to give him tmrw to compensate ;3

literally just watched john oliver today, also fapped like 4 times. i should take up a hobby. i guess it's better than watching netflix, here i'm actually learning something.

reminds me to try again to sign into netflix...

couldn't figure it out. asking father for help with it and hulu while i'm here. though i did find out avengers: infinity war is on netflix which is lit.

i'm storing lemonade that you're apparently not supposed to put in a metal container...

in a metal container.

it's fine though, since i'm drinking it quickly enough i guess.

test in english tmrw for god knows why. it makes no sense that she'd schedule a test. she knows no one wants to go. so stupid.

anyway father got back to me and i'm in hulu and netflix now.

fuck you when i run out of john oliver i've got MHA and how it's made to watch

also IW but shush

i guess that's it for today... nothing much happened. wasn't bad by any means though. didn't try to injure or kill myself, barely had the thought. i was too busy almost perpetually masturbating hehe

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