may 15 2019

woke up earlier than i should've today, but i managed to quickly fall back asleep. woke up after at 6:15- not bad, terribly horny since i didn't jack off last night, so i fixed that quickly then got dressed and went downstairs.

after adding "find coming out paper" to the trello board i'm now using for everything and hoping is secure (they claim aes-256 bit encryption i believe, but it's fine because technically any data they harvest is for someone named 'ali' not... well, my name.)

btw, trello 2fa uses text messages, not googleauth/authy, which i found weird and didn't do. because obvious reasons.

whap test is tmrw and i really could be more excited about it. i've got a 95 in there rn because he put in a bullshit 0 for an assignment that i turned in, just not through proper channels i guess.

have an 87 in eng btw, making my term average an 89 making... it keep me from a 4.0 forever. i guess a 3.9 is just about as good... right?

since he wasn't here yesterday i couldn't talk to him about it but if i remember i may do it today. but it's not like it matters. it wont affect a "4.0" since i'll still have an A no matter what, and to be fair i didn't follow instructions correctly.

still though... the test is tmrw in there and that isn't fun. all of the history of the world and my only review, i bet, will be "the history of the entire world, i guess" by bill wurtz because fuck you, it's better than nothing.

better than just watching house i guess.

also starting to become a trello poweruser which is fun.

bringing a charging cord with me to school today so i can use phone at full brightness and shit.

//its fun to rant here, it makes it seem like i'm interesting//

/which i'm not/

after reading two stories and answering ~10 questions for each of them in english class, we were done for... ever...

1 hour 10 minutes left after i had done that, which is ungodly.

aidan's been slapping my thighs more and it gives me such an exhileration... makes me fluster and all... i love it.

second block was talking about the party on friday (i'm bringing some chips and CFA catering)

third block i'm having an anxiety attack right now. johny won't stop flicking a paper football and going behind me while i'm just trying to rp with louie (WHICH HE NEVER DOES AND THIS IS LIKE ONCE A YEAR OPPORTUNITY SO FUCK JOHNY) and everyon'es talking and its loud and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

now lou's afk and isn't responding 0.0

i just hate johny can't mind his own fucking business
i hate how ryan can't handle a simple discord raid
i hate how ari is doing weird-ass accents for no reason


and we'll have work in goggans today

thank god mom is coming home, but she'll just beg for me to talk about the boring af awards ceremony last night.

it's so loud
the greatest showman is a terrible movie, i can hear how bad it is
it's like the same damn song over and over so people get it stuck in their heads and have to listen over
and over
and over.

on the bright side louie is being lewd and i'm being dominant so that's fun... if he was active atm, that is. i may just start watching some house rn, something to distract me from all this annoying bs.

im on the verge of tears.

if i were at home, i'd be on the verge of cutting again, i've lost my will to live, at least for now. i'm pissed off and i've got a headache and i just want
and louie.

i'm sad i only have 20 more minutes to ride out this rp before i switch classes and he probably won't want to do it anymore.

i'm exempt from bio, which makes sense. i haven't missed a day and my term avg is 100.

geom was far better luckily. was busy doing real work.

told ian about my age after he confessed his, also about ser., etc. made me feel great, off his chest too.

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