may 18 2019

after consideration, i think i want to be a radiologist again. it's not the work-from-home paradise that i always imagined with louie but you make hella money for analyzing tests and giving diagnoses. it would be fun, i think... i'm just glad i didn't do anything stupid about my previous infatuation with being a teacher, heh...

father got some CFA for me for some reason, maybe he just wanted me to shut up, idfk.

oh, and minecraft 10 year thingy was boring af...

starting to realize something. i dont feel better because i'm actually getting better, i'm just getting used to it. i'm used to being ignored and all this shit.

so that's interesting

got a new cable for porn transfer right from the internet to the hard drive... 2 meters! that's over 6 feet! i know you're impressed.

mostly been watching house today....


also, working on downloading all of furry porn site e621. well, its furry as far as i know but maybe not. thats what i'm there for tho.

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