may 20 2019

woke up and figured out how to control my hues with my pc. would have to switch to pc in order to control it with my laptop, or find a port of the app for linux.

theres a possibility that the lights on my ceiling can be hue'd if they're e26 or e12, i think...

i think they may be e26 or something like that. which would mean my whole damn room can be bright fucking pink

finished season 2 of house, working on season 3. today's been mostly fine. had garlic knots for breakfast and i've been burping, but no sweaty ass or painful groin or anything. just a bit irritable. tmrw is my english exam. the day after gray gets back from school... it'll be painful.

i ordered five guys at 4:30 or so. it's 5:16 and this "slight delay" is pushing it to 5:40 arrival. the bullshit thing is i lose whatever the fuck a promotion is if i do cancel so i'm stuck here waiting on food that probably will never arrive. texted mom about it, she has yet to respond.

she responded, said to make bread and cheese or shells and cheese, and to let them auto-cancel. i'm getting psychotic over this. i'm having cravings for 5 guys and i can't get them fufilled with mac n cheese. fuckin grr

headphones just ran out of battery so i guess i'm forced to go make food now. fuck

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