may 22 2019

was a tad restless last night, woke up a few times before i actually arose. been eating randomly whenever i got hungry enough to do so. it's sorta been a haze. got to season 4 of house, half-way done with the whole show heh... 1 more hour until dinner so that's something. the day slipped away very quickly, shows how summer will go. i'd love it even more if... y'know...

1) i could find a good position to watch tv and youtube in... perhaps how i thought about earlier with laying on my bed and watching it on my monitor. would be very comfy if i could get it worked out. i'll figure something eventually.

2) i could find a good food regime before i gain a ton of weight eating a few hundreds calories every few hours.

3) my room stayed below 70 degrees

4) stella would shut up

5) i was cuddling with louie while i watched, stroking his body while we warmly embrace...

i also may have a fever. it's 71 in the room and i feel super hot and am sweating. i plan on very soon starting on my sorting project. at least sort out yiff and r6 from the hentai and stuff, then move to the yiffitai folder and sort that all out. should take a few days or a week if i actually work. maybe even less. idk

mom made some more of that mixing lemonade. it's not as good as vitaminwater but it's fine and i'd enjoy drinking it solely, plus it's only like 10 calories per giant bottle. ideally i'd store the container in my room and fill and mix myself so i dont have to go anywhere. more space-effecient than vitaminwater.

update: idea for the viewing thing. find airpods. connect dying macbook to pc monitor somehow. use airpods to listen without huge headphones to ensure comfort while laying in bed stacked with all the pillows behind head so head is elavated properly. install hue sync for macos if wanted to sync room lights to whats on screen. remote desktop on blade to change episode stuff and blade just to talk on discord and stuff.

it's either that or move pillows to right side of the bed and have the blade on the medical bed table, slid over my chest.

sidenote: clear off that thing

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