may 27 2019

so heres the deal. i woke up, went to the bathroom, and on the way, i stubbed my toe. now that shirt hurted but i thought it'd go away in a few minutes. it didn't. it's been over an hour and it still hurtedededed. not too bad anymore. father says it ain't broke. goddamn this shit hurtededed

sorry thats enough speaking southern for the day

him and i are gonna go to best buy to shop for TVs at 11:00 today when they open, a 75" tv to be exact, so that's fun!

i think that working downstairs gives me heat stroke or something.

got a 65” tv and lunch heh, no hues either.

at least he's gone now.

skipped dinner with fam but i'm super thirsty. i'm also realizing i resent my family more than i thought, at least sis and gray.

also i'm pissed that my dick is tiny and my loads are even worse.

my 'brother', wolf (i think his name is matthew), and i are doing a hot rp uwu

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