may 29 2019

ok so i still itch all over like normal but the pain from the hangnail or whatever is much less and the feeling of that toe is almost completely gone now.

and nevermind, the second i started walking it hurt like hell again, but it hurt, not felt weird. and now that i'm sitting back down it's fine again.

later today: i created like 60 new roles on remnants, 2 new channels, made those roles self-assignable via commands and rolemenu. started a new rp with matthew. ate dinner with mother and we discussed:

  • camp at syracuse, the logistics, etc.. current plan is that she's staying in syr. the whole 2 weeks then her and are going to nyc for like 2 days afterwards. i had a plan of going to NYU, princteon, UPenn, john hopkins. however this can't happen because of school starting literally the day after i get back and before that for gray and saw.
  • counseling. FINALLY MOM IS GOING TO SCHEDULE IT. our neighbor is a psych who knows a psych and this neighbor says they've delt with many dysphoric paitents so i should be in good hands, whenever that happens

it's so exciting. i'm excited. mom got magnum bars for me to eat and that.

also, i finally created a custom css file for my blog, so now it's very dark and fancy. if you've got any ideas, you can talk to me in the guestbook, at, or on my quotev dms (quotev link is my profile link, i also write real stuff there owo)

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