may 31 2019

talked with fusi for almost an hour this morning which was fucking brilliant, also responded to some comments on freshmanv2 about how excited people are that im writing again and how ethan is "a shota but like grown up" or whatever. i'm not that degenerate. he's only 150cm/4'11". it's a cutesy short. ethan is cute. i kinda wanna fuck him already. still no clue how uh... big, he'll be.

anyway worked on a few thousand more words of that, made dinner, talked with peeps. today was a good day, though not much happened. it went by very fast as days in summer tend to. tmrw is the first day of june, which means birthday month, also i think pride month which is lit.

sidenote: that hour of talking w/ fusi made up for having not talked to him since then all day >_>

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