jun 1 2019

today was even more boring i guess. there's no more pain anywhere . got hungry so i ate. wrote freshman. etc.

louie says 5 small meals a day will help you lose weight and its convincing, after all if your body is always breaking down food you're eating it will also break down fat further. i may do this. better than starvation lol


i did a fuck ton of races on NT, wrote the beginnings of only one chapter tho...

however, i did start using nimblewriter...

however however, this means i've gotta use windows to write which sucks on this laptop because it's so slow. especially, so i'm using ripcord. windows is better though as far as the app market goes. i've got whatpulse and native trello and nimble writer and can do soooo much :3

but i still hate windows a fuck ton.

got JJ back finally, and his alt sissy account. (s)he posted nudes so lethal decided to also post and goddamn lethal has a nice cock so that was great. day turned out fine. am super tired. goodnight <3 :p

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