jun 2 2019

Writing this quickly at 9 o'clock because i'm super tired and have been super busy. i may not be able to do 10 days in a row because i'm doing other things. like for example, today i not only got a pimpin' betterdiscord setup on my desktop (which can actually handle it, unlike windows on my laptop), i wrote 11k words of fanfic in just 2 chapters (5k words and 5.1k words, plus deletes, so if you're counting fuckups its 11k. but i fucked up extra hard and accidentally cut and pasted that entire second chapter so it ended up being 16k so i made it to 16100 which is nice i guess. i've just been doing a shit ton of writing today like i managed to be able to type with a continuous flow on my keyboard. goddamn i love this thing like i can just start writing then all my fingers move into the right place at just the right time, just as ideas start popping into my head to fill that spot and it's wonderful like i typed this part about the flow with it. see, it kinda works, right? lol

also i backed up my macbook air and we're gonna try to repair it, though jarrek says this is likely to not happen. i also got rid of dupes on the spotify playlist (good music, not the remnants collab. that would take far too long lol) and i made a 'need-to-listen' playlist that's like... 500 songs from artists that is should know: em, nf, josh a, jake hill, XXX, joyner lucas, logic. in hindsight i should probably add clasics like biggie, nas, pac, jay-z (though his spotify is weird and lax), et al., however these aren't really my style of rap, except BIG ig.

anyway that's it for todays entry, it was really rushed, like i wrote this in 6 minutes, level of rushed lol.

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