jun 3 2019

Good morning! Cleaned up my keyboard today, wrote a few chapters of Freshman, jerked off to some erolit (sidenote writing is infinitely hotter than pictures but doesn't stack up to the combination of the two; video uwu)

anyway i'm typing without my wrist rest rn because its drying off lol. i imported some songs from soundcloud and downloaded stuff to spotify as well. found out my headphones do work on my laptop unlike what i had thought when i was tryina nut yesterday.

mom found filled versions of those gummy bears so they're gummy bears + gushers and thats just dandy

also forgot to mention that yesterday mom got shells and cheese easymac things, like 24 of them so i've got 10+ days of eating those before we'll need more lol. she also got me five guys uwu

oh and cajun spice and raisinets or however you spell those. a different spice. looks closer to five guys. will try 2night. but right now is lunch time which means shells + cheese

goddamnit i can't type without a wrist rest lol

just did a nt qualif. race with it and got 100 wpm, i type like shit with it xD

115 with the rest lmfao

louie left riprpp and was sad about it for some reason

we got youtube tv family plan so i can watch real tv, live, on my computer. it feeds my addiction uwu. was father's idea too. he's gonna cancel xfinity if we like YTTV

transcribed "Civil War" by Quad on Musixmatch because i wanna contribute :3

saw got me wendys fries and frosty so thats nice. shes great. guys in my family seem to suck x3

mom and i then went to drop my macbook off at CU and they seem to think they can fix it. probably will wipe it tho :(

doesn't matter because i BACKED THAT SHIT UP YESTERDAY


after we did that, mom and i went to the bank and opened a checking account with $200, then we worked on getting a debit card so i can buy gas and get shit at syracuse and whatever.

we also went to the carwash. which was a lot more boring than finally getting that fucking laptop fixed lmfao, also more boring thant getting some fucking money. i may try to get a job next summer when i can drive so i can buy shit.

jarrek says they will, in fact, wipe. no worries ,^

so i was briefly active in the ntv3 server again and apparently riddle is my slut and ella is also my slut so that's neat. also made my pfp very gay. changed the pink background to be r a i n b o w

i also uploaded all of freshmanv2 to quotev just for funsies. took a while to de-format lol. i'll probably start writing using markdown then convert manually later, saves time when i'm on a roll or whatever. i'm taking a very short break, not uploading the chapter i've started today until tmrw even though i could easily finish it. i don't want people to think i can do 10k w/d forever lmao. thanks to grav for helping me realize this. also i'm lazy. so that helps. i've been doing stuff tho. so it's fair ig.

i also made the listed background very gay with my low poly pride flag :p

anyway, goodnight <3

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