june 5 2019

so i didn't beat that 11k word record yesterday, but i did write a shit ton :p

today i tried to friend lanee because jarrek wanted her and i to talk because she needs to talk to more people. we'll see if she responds. i'd go into detail about her and i's... history, but i don't really have the time to explain about a year of pure emotional trauma lmao

also i'd get lots wrong.

anyway it's 9:30 and i have yet to write anything so i should do that :p

i only wrote like one chapter today. also talked w/ dakota. he's nice. apparently attempted suicide earlier this year. shit's fucking deep. he helped me a shit ton just now and i wasnt even depressed :p

updated iphone finally, got apple news+ for all my... news... needs...

found out matthew's age which is neat. younger than i thought.

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