june 7 2019

so today has been tea

jarrek catfished macey and found out she has been lying a lot and they broke up on very bad terms.

that's to put it short and sweet but it really hasn't been. i tried to ban her and fusi unbanned saying she hadn't broken any remnants rules and i pulled the card of "it doesn't matter, i don't like her" and now we're fighting over it and its stupid. i'm trying to end it by submitting and he keeps saying that he can't give his opinion until he gets evidence and i'm like "no evidence, just make up your damn mind please. i'm done"

this is all so stupid. there's things i could be doing right now.

after being bipolar for a while, macey and i are back on good terms, she's back in the server, fusi and i are fine, i ate food, though i'm in no way motivated to write the mission chapter that i've got to do now. like literally i could pretty muich be done by the end of the weekend of the ethan plot but i can't because that requieres not one

but TWO of this stubborn as hell battle scenes. so i've got to plot this mission out and all that shit. i'm soooooo pumped.

today also marks one month of journaling! yay!

also; decided i can't be a sub because if i get an anxiety attack while tied up that's a bad thing :3

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