jun 12 2019

so yesterday's post was like from 8555 to 9431 words which is insane. almost 1k words in one post lol. anyway that's exciting. i found out this asmr channel i watch with this cute wolfychu or senzawa-voiced girl is actually just a guy, presumably with a voice changer. so. that's neat.


sorry i'm kidding i want lou's kids in my throat. but i wouldnt mind if rekken y'know

took me by surprise and fucked me hard then gave me warm cuddles afterwards.

anyway so idk what i want to do today. not much i have to do lol. i may finish the 25 more nt races so i hit 100/200 i want, i may not. i may work on tori x masaru. actually i'll probably do that then work on the google invasion chapter :3

i uh

did none of that. i just did rps and watched youtube. at desk tho so thats nice

neighbors got a husky-shepherd mix pup. so. damn. cute.

i made some very gay indeed pride phone wallpapers. gay, trans, pan. they're pretty nice actually ^

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