jun 13 2019

so i was charging my headphones overnight and they went from probably 5%, maybe less...

to 87%. not 100. 87!!! how the actual fuck!!!!

i woke up at 7:55 too, somehow. i guess i'm staying up later and later as the summer progresses lol, and waking up later too.

i'm super tired right now too. i think i only woke up because my body wanted me up before 8

i dont have the energy to do anything even after drinking and shit. maybe i need to eat? idk

when will alie realize i dont give a fuck about her sona/form and


this is just like school, i can't stop getting catered to like a 6-yr-old. i fucking hate it and it gives me anxiety.

why can't my room be cold again why is it 75 fucking degrees

why am i having a headache

why am i anxious

goddamnit this day is terrible already

i will be so fucking pissed if the at&t guy has to deal with painters. i hope the painters finish quick but i fucking doubt it

so att came real early and mom and him and i figured it all out. so they aren't even going to run the wire today, it'll be a few, if not weeks ;-;

they'll text father a day before, he says.

sonic's shakes are sub-par, their fries are good, not the best, popcorn chicken is mmm pretty good.

i found out today that the ergodox ez that i want doesn't exactly have software-controlled rgb. i mean it's like the shitty rgb keyboards where they have dedicated buttons, except you can modify the buttons and there's 32 layers. assuming 100 keys, that's 3200 possibly rgb settings lmao. there are, however, no color-shifting options.

ok so for dinner i ate some easy-mac and then made fries but i wasn't hungry enough so i couldn't eat them all then i got really sick afterwards so yeah

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