jun 14 2019

10 days yeet

so recently i've been having thoughts about leaving louie. like a lot of them. like as in, maybe this would make me happy. i think deep inside, i'm not actually that happy. i don't know. maybe i'm missing the physical. i dont fucking know but its here and i wanted to mention it as that's sorta what this journaling is for...

so today was boring i spent 3 and almost a half hours cooking with mom. she had made an ice cream that actually turned out okay, and was about to make another. it did not turn out well at all. we scrambled the eggs when we were tempering them. yikes. also she made cookies that ended up not cooking for some reason, really weird stuff there.

after that i went upstairs and into my room and just watched random shit on youtube and jerked off and watched youtube and all that. also watched episode 1 of the jetsons, or a bit of it. 1968 or whatever. really old, and it shows. still a few years off from it tho .^

so the uhm, the frame of my desk (bday present) kinda... arrived... and i wasn't supposed to know. i mean i already knew i'm getting the onesie and that i'm not getting the chair and that father's bringing one from his place this weekend when he comes home. in less than 30 minutes actually. no desktop yet tho, that i know of. also two other gifts. one's about the size of a smaller gpu box, the other is very large and i've got no clue what would be on my list that could fit in there except maybe the ronin? perhaps? idfk. maybe its a giant box with tesla keys in it :3

well, it'd be the card that opens it but you know what i mean. or i guess you could buy a normal key... mostly is phone operated tho.

my eyes are itchy grrr

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