jun 15 2019

i've been thinking recently about furry stuff. its mostly a venting server and its really annoying, i agree w/ cat. i can't stand saying good morning then someone being like "actually, it hasn't been good. my father abused me, mom mom kicked me out, i was victim to a few rapes, my SOs broke up with me." like seriously calm tf down, there's a venting channel. i honestly want to ask jarrek if i can tell people to fuck off and go there when they vent in general because it seriously is really fucking annoying to not be able to have an entire convo in general without someone being like "hey i know you two are talking about something nice but can i interject with some depressing shit because i haven't had enough attention in this two-way dialogue." i hate it so much.

anyway there's more to talk about today i kinda was busy. so father and i went to best-buy and we got a sound bar and some extra speakers and 2 apple tvs. it was neat ig.

after we set up those speakers, him and i setup my new desk. the damn thing is heavy as fuck. also the monitor stand and cable management shits have yet to come in sadly but we're working on it. the thing is huge as well. 6 feet long means it can hold my computer as well as everything i had been holding with even more space, plus the monitor stands make it even more space then that, and if i also get the ergodox that means i dont have to worry about the stupid armrests on the chair i have.

oh and also, that desk is a standing desk with memory .^

so happy, i am.

mom, father, gray, and myself all tested the ice creams. the second batch came in 4th place because it didn't even exist lol, the 1st came in 3rd, blue bell came in 2nd, and the third batch came in 1st place because it was basically infused with the essence of oreos.


anyway so today was pretty damn nice actually. apparently that desk was my "big gift" and it was like 900 fuckin dollars so its still possible, i guess, that i got RAM or the ergodox or something, that would be very nice. i've been basically running out of both ram and cpu and it's hard to type with this new chair but a standing desk with a more ergonomic keeb would be very cash money

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