jun 16 2019

I woke up to my alarm at 7:20 and that was kinda exciting, I quickly did some shits on Discord then ran downstairs and helped mom make father's day brunch. It turned out okay. The monkeybread was chewy which was no fun, but meninite butterhorn rolls heated to ~200 f = MMM. also pancakes are good! also bacon is amazing!

last night i made a trello board for day-day stuff. as in clean room, grab mystery box, et al. this keeps me on track in order to get shit done. will talk about it more as i begin to do things later today.

god i started today doing caps lmao

ok so i've been standing up and moving around and yay and it was fun and all the sudden father bursts into my room and is like "wanna drive"


so i drove a car for the first time. i mean i've kept my age under wraps for a while now but there's no way i'm getting thru this w/o mentioning it once. so there you go, real ez hint.

speaking of that, 8 days until b-day!!!

that's super exciting!~

dad uh, grounded? annie. as in, she's not allowed back into furry stuff. at least until further notice. so that's weird, apparently "she was being a bitch". jarrek brings it up and then says talking makes him angrier? like tf? ok then.

anyway not gonna let someone else's being pissed off harsh my vibes today, i've been super happy lol. cleaned up my room plenty, backpack is now cleaned out so i can see if it'll be fit for syr.

i finally got hue on my watch to work, along with downloading a few more of those adulting apps like uber and travel apps.

i tested linux mint on distrotest.net and it was nice. about to test manjaro (KDE version) and Debian, though i hear debian is hard to install? maybe?

debian 9.9.0 is kinda really ugly actually. it just had a fancy looking wallpaper which made me want it. i'd honestly try it if it works out of the box w/ whatpulse installation though.

finally, manjaro 18 kde... its either this or ubuntu. or i guess try deepin again lol, but i care about privacy and i dont trust a chinese os. not racist if it's supported by facts and knowledge :sunglasses: :benshapiro:

as it turns out, manjaro is actually pretty good but i want to test it on a live install tester, see if i can whatpulse it. if not, ubuntu it is.

unless arch linux turns out okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just got the want to eat some of the ice cream mom and i made lol

anyway, arch. distrotest.net was being a bitch and it took like an hour+ in queue just to not work. so i'll live-boot arch and manjaro and if neither are any good, then ubuntu.

fuck i accidentally published this

i dont know if you guys realized but the background is a parallaxing gay rainbow and i fucking love it

ok now i can publish fr

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