jun 18 2019

so i sorta tossed and turned in my bed for like 45 minutes this morning dreaming of louie and i. i still have doubts if we'll be able to work out, especially irl, but i hope we do because he's a qtpi. Alisa keeps using #general as #gamers-only and it pisses me off. i don't wanna see your stellaris shit. no one does but grav. stfu.

its whatever, less than a week until my birthday its exciting uwu

usually it sneaks up on me. like i'm used to being like "Whoops my birthday is in 2 days" because im not used to caring about what day it is. having to journal forces me to have some idea of the date. its kinda nice.

apparently i finally got my 200th mystery box on NT and i got the car to go along with it :p

no more daily logging in to grind my way to getting it lol, that's nice.

part of me is currently attracted to ricegum someone help he's such a qtpi

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