jun 20 2019 - the day louie broke up with me.

i never title these. i wasn't going to. i wasn't expecting this.

today has been boring mostly. i played a fuck ton of siege despite 5 or so internet outages.

5:3 aspect is wonderful.

i'd send pictures of the DMs if it didn't internet-dox me. i dont want people on discord to know about this journal. he led up to it with one simple message then said "I'm breaking up with you..."

my heart sank more than it ever had done, and it does that a lot. him and i talked it out. we're still friends, he's still mod, we just mutually sorta agreed that LDRs weren't for us. if i can manage to lose weight, i may pull some chicks or dicks in-town and get irl cuddles which would be awesome.

i guess i'm even making a big deal out of this. it doesn't fucking matter. his part in my life was getting smaller and smaller ever since january. i'm almost glad he did it because im a pussy.

now i can be a slut in discord and no one can care hahahahahahahaha

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