jun 24 2019

today was my birthday! i got my learner's permit today and can officially drive as long as someone 21+ is with me. big plays. currently don't have a car though, and father is selling his new Toyota Land Cruiser so he'll only have his old Porsche 911 which there's no way can bring to work and his old land cruiser, which is supposedly my car. so either i'm getting a new car soon or he's gonna not sell the new LC.

anyway my gifts were 2 of the 5 hue bulbs i wanted, the rest of my desk (dual monitor stand, cable runs, clip-on power-brick), some of those color-changing RC candles. also money, phone case. $50 from grandma that i'm gonna deposit tmrw or soon, i'll try to get $5 from mom just because and then i'll have $350 in checking. meaning i can buy shit w/ my debit card. i've got ideas of what i'd buy but those would get damn close to that 350 mark. like i'd have $50 for gas, and buying shit at syr. maybe mom will give me some extra bucks in there for syr though. and i can use her card for gas mostly if i play it right. and can get a job like a normal person maybe. could see if the computer stores have any openings but i REALLY don't want to get a job until i can drive.

anyway tmrw i'll finally be able to change my bathroom lights to be all the fancy shade of blue i adore so damn much and also game with the monitors actually next to each other ~~and an inch away from my eyes~~. my second monitor is gonna be portrait for now.

happy birthday to me.

cake was good

abby almost forgot about it.

i'm surprised i passed my permit test.

presents were nice!

i'm content.

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