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Wow, my typing went from 11 to 17 wpm this week!


Much improved typing!


Left hand can open up to 15% already
left hand shows significant improvement in typing


Typing speed, wpm(target: 30): 11.72
I walked into Meridian all by myself today. It felt good to do so.


Typing speed, wpm(target: 30): 14.62


Typing speed, wpm(target: 30)11.8


Typing speed, wpm(target: 30): 11.27


Doctor Law said that I need to lose weight. He said that acupuncture can be used to lose weight (I see some young women regulars who don't look like stroke patients), but he wants me to exercise first. I shall do a half hour of cardio upon first awakening in the morning, based on the advice from alpha m.


As of yesterday, I noticed that I could do the "hand swinging qi gong exercise" again, so that's great, thank God! (I could raise both arms to equal height, at shoulder level, then let them swing down repeatedly...)

Weight, kg: 73.28 (target: 72)

Typing speed, wpm(target: 30): 11.27

Weight ,kg (target: 72):72.6

On 7 March 2022, I was diagnosed with a mild stroke.

You might have heard about this, and I thank you for your prayers, thoughts and support.

Below is a rough timeline of events, updated to date, for my accountability and for your information and further prayer (This document is live on https://listed.to/p/3Biwq63eKk).

2021-11-04, Deepavali

Due to physical imbalance, I fell into a drain in front of Pizza Mansion in Section 17, Petaling Jaya
Sustained minor injuries - bruises and abrasions to skin

Facial injuries: Lost face in the minds of the customers who were enjoying their coffee at Butter+ Beans next door to Pizza Mansion.


Went to my GP for the first time in 10 years because of tachycardia. He said it was normal and nothing to worry about and took a basic blood test. Results: all markers normal, except:

  • cholesterol was a bit high but still within range
  • sodium was a bit low but still within range

So he recommended I exercise regularly to the point of not being able to carry on a conversation while exercising, and to drink less water, which seemed to have been flushing out the sodium and diluting the blood.
As of 2022-03-12, tachycardia is resolved. Now my heart rate is about 85 BPM.

2022-02-01, Chinese New Year

I fell down at home after a shower, when I was drying myself. It was free fall onto my trampoline's steel frame, which had a thin cushion covering, which connected with my rib cage, which has a thin meat covering. Needless to say, it hurt.


I fell into a drain while walking in my apartment compound, due to loss of balance and a barking dog.
So I decided to see a neurologist.
Sustained minor superficial damage to the elbows and knees.


Met with Prof KS Lim at UMSC, recommended by Dr the late Dr David Wong
He examined me and asked questions, recommended an MRI.
Suspected stroke

UMMC Appt:
Radiology appt
3 March, Thursday, 6 pm
Register at 5pm at UMSC.
Bring a deposit of RM2000
Est will be more of less RM2K
Actual fee:RM1,960.17

Review appt with Prof KS Lim:
7 March 2022, Monday, 10.20 am
To arrive 30 mins before for registration, by 9.40 am
Consultation - deposit RM200.
*Actual fee: RM165


First physio session
*Actual fee:RM150 (heavily subsidised)
Weekly physio is recommended, on Wednesdays for now

2022-03-07, follow-up consultation with neurologist

confirmed stroke to the right brain
Recommended 600 mg coenzyme Q10 a day, physical rehab
Diet changes: cut sugar, cut high cholesterol food
**Consultation Fee: RM165


First acupuncture session
Doctor recommended daily sessions, weight loss
Will return for more
TREATMENT PACKAGE of recommended 18 sessions: RM1,300


Noticeably stronger and greater agility in left hand
Can flex open 70% compared to right hand


Today's acupuncture session (the third) was a doozy. I came out of it knackered and slept like a baby.
Well, 3 down, 15 more to go
noticeable improvement in left hand - can open to 80 degrees
Noticeable improvement in mental clarity when I played Peak today (Peak is an app for brain training)

2022-03-13, acupuncture session #4

Doctor said to go through three courses of treatments (18 sessions), and I could probably go back to the office next month, in April. Yay. I could probably drive as well. He'll advise as the date approaches.

Doctor's path of recovery:

  1. Heal up
  2. Recover previous mobility
  3. Go back to office routine
  4. Make money 😂
  5. Maintenance, to avoid recurrence

Asked the doc about "transcranial direct current stimulation" offered by ReGen Rehab Hospital (mentioned by the neurologist), he said it was a lot of money for not much results. He said my recovery is covered by acupuncture and physio, which I felt was the case. The acupuncture treatment involves needles and electric current in my scalp and face. I choose to turn that up!


Session at 3 pm later.

Will turn up the current.

Turned up the current. It was nice.

After the acupuncture session, I went with L____ and Adeline to view his two apartments for room rentals, (which I'm helping him to market)[https://www.facebook.com/DreamRooms-for-Rent-in-PJ-for-Single-Adults-or-Students-109235781715258].


This morning, I noticed significantly increased balance in walking short distances (in my apartment), so I'm grateful.

Left hand can open almost 100% compared to right hand.


I asked the doctor to pay attention to my left hand dexterity today, and he poked needles into my left forearm and into the fleshy part between my thumb and forefinger. And one in my left front, above my left chest.

Today, my left hand is almost like normal. It's quite remarkable.

I also replicated the effect with the TENS machine this evening.

Now I shall go to sleep, after listening to music and feeling my feelings.

Hey, for lunch, we da-baoed from Dream Café, which we hadn't been to in a long time. It was an exceptional meal. Chicken chop with aglio olio and carbonara. Nice.


Today, I noticed a significant improvement in my left hand again. Can open easily, and I noticed easier everyday use as well, such as putting on clothes and walking.

Since people have been asking, here's my bank account info:

Darius Lim Hung Yit

Check out my stroke recovery and wellness NFTs:

PayPal: alphalim@gmail.com
HandCash: $alphalim


I noticed an improvement in my left hand. Specifically, I noticed an improvement in switching on and off light switches, opening and closing doors and scratching my right side. So hallelujah. I'll never take these simple actions for granted again.


It's a brand new day. Let's get better!
As of yesterday, this is our expenditure thus far:

Doctor's consultation fees: RM165+165
MRI fee: RM1,960.17
Physiotherapy fees, 4 weekly sessions
Acupuncture fees,18 sessions package: RM1300
Everyday food, drink and travel
someone asked me yesterday how I was doing for finances, how much I'd spent thus far. So, here's the breakdown above and the total: RM4,190.17+
Thank God and his generous givers, we have received enough to cover the expenses so far.

What I'm doing to get better every day:

  • Writing 750 words every day to destress and connect heart and mind
  • Physio at home twice a day
  • Physio with physiotherapist once a week -Acupuncture electrotherapy every day at the centre
  • Daily meditation 20 minutes to calm the mind and clear the heart
  • 7+ hours of sleep a night

Yesterday, Adeline was sharing with a friend how Shawn Bolz, a prophet of God, was ministering to Street prostitutes and asked one of them, "What do you feel is God's dream for you?"
She closed her eyes for a moment and then she said, "I feel God wants me to be a chef." The prophet then asked her what's the next step she needed to take to end up at that destination. Long story short, she called her uncle and returned home (she had run away from home) and eventually ended up owning her own restaurant. I admired that clarity and I asked myself, What do you feel is God's will for you to do? and I came back with the answer, "Salesman." Which surprised me. But if you think about it, sales is the ultimate service. You match a prospect's real need with real supply, for which the prospect is grateful and parts with his money. It's a win-win-win situation.
I go into why I've decided to do insurance here:
There's something beautiful about it. Yesterday, I spoke to A___ about the Prudential Elite Development Programme (previously known as the Entrepreneur Development Programme). Today, I'm speaking with S__& about the EDP. Adib's agency only offers takaful products, so he advised me to seek out a non-Muslim agent if I wanted to sell both Takaful and conventional products. So I did a LinkedIn search of my network and rediscovered S___, whom I've known since she was in high school, as a part of FCC when I used to minister there to the youth a few times.
Nothing is lost.
The love you give comes back to you, multiplied.

I'm actively looking for a less stressful job now. I no longer want to deal with the stress of the advertising industry.


Today, I officially gave up on the advertising industry. The high-stress environment I think contributed to my stroke and now, poat-stroke, I certainly don't need the stress.

So, I signed up as a prospective insurance agent. Why insurance? Because this ordeal has made me realise the importance of insurance, and of keeping it inforce. Mine lapsed yonks ago
And while God and his people have been generous, I wish that money could have gone to better use, i and it could have, if I had insurance to pay for my treatments.
I go into why I chose insurance sales more at:

Secondly, the only certainty in life is that we're all going to die. We don't like to think about it, but that is the fact. Not all people get sick and die, but 100% will die. Preferably of old age and in our sleep, but we will die. _Memento mori is a tenet of the stoics. "Remember you will die", and it will enrich your life.
So what if it's a certainty that you will die?

Think: Do you ever wish you were born into a rich family?

Well, you can do that for your kids. Take out a life insurance policy on yourself and bequeath a large sum to your descendents.

  1. That's why I decided to sell insurance. Because it will help those who need it, but you need to get it before you need it. And -who knows? - maybe you won't need it.
  2. And, your children deserve to inherit a large sum. You can create a legacy of generational wealth with your death. Sorry to be morbid, but your death is a certain thing - it's just a matter of when.

There's also a beauty to sales. When a successful sale has been made, it means that you've solved someone's felt need to such an extent that they feel grateful to give you their hard-earned money. It's a win-win-win. It's a win for the client, it's a win for the company, and it's a win for the salesman. And it's also a beautiful way to serve people. Because they have to part with their money, it's almost guaranteed that they won't fritter it away frivolously. So the help you give is valuable help.

That's why I love sales.

equip yourself before you need it.
And set your descendents up for generational wealth.
Let's talk about it. Contact me.

Today, I went to see S______ of Elevat8 agency and I met her manager C& and her father F___. They were all ex-FCC, now attending RLC. It was nice and a pleasant surprise, like a mini FCC reunion.

Today's milestone: I flushed the toilet after me, instead of leaving it for Adeline or Seth to flush. (The flush is broken, so we're using a bucket of water, which is heavy. Today, I felt strong enough to lift and tip the heavy bucket of water.)
I noticed greater agility and control of my left hand today, in switching on and off light switches and opening and closing doors.

Yesterday, after meeting S___, C___ and F______, I felt the presence of God and the guidance of the Lord in a very strong way. I hadn't felt that close presence of Spirit in awhile. Truly, birds of a feather flock together. I felt like I found my tribe. Of course, I'm constantly seeking my tribe. I felt that excitement as well after connecting with SDK 1. Well, I received the sad news that Dr David Wong had passed on, yesterday.

"How may I help you today?"

Imagine being paid to make money. That's what this EDP is.

But you've gotta know your why.

My why is to alleviate suffering and worry from people around me. My why is to create generational wealth and to help people create generational wealth.

My why is to use the only certainty in life to set the next generation up on a higher plane. To level up the playing field for the next generation, so to speak.

That's my why for Prudential insurance sales.

I'm grieving Doctor David Wong right now.

Memento mori. It's the only certainty in life. But people generally live in the present moment as though they will live forever.

Where is eternity connected to time? Does eternity begin where time ends, like two ropes tied together? No, eternity is connected to time like the hub and spokes of a wheel. The hub is eternity and the wheel is time. Where the rubber meets the road is the present moment. The spoke from the hub to that part is where eternity meets time. Eternity is connected to the present moment. So only decisions in the present moment affect eternity. "Behold, today is the day of salvation. Now is the chosen moment." "Choose ye this day whom you will serve."

Today, make the decision to look into life insurance and make your kids millionaires when you depart this timeline. Death is the only certainty in life. Memento mori.

"The only certainties in life are death and taxes."

There are strategies to defer your taxes and living healthy can defer your death, but eventually death comes for us all.

Being aware of this helps us to live more fully in the present moment. And make better choices in the present moment.

So, whether your death comes by accident this week or many decades later in your sleep (which I pray is the case), the fact is you will die. So use your death to set up your future generations for life. After all, don't you wish you were born into generational wealth? You can begin the tradition of generational wealth for your descendents. It can start with you. Make the decision in this present moment to take out a life insurance policy on yourself. Remember you will die. How would you like to die? Healthy and in your sleep is the best way to go. Live fully until your death. And let your death, which is inevitable, be a cause for celebration for your survivors. Make them rich. You know the toil you've been through. Didn't you wish you had a head start in life to to help you along? Leave that behind for your children and their children.

Yes, a million dollars a few decades later isn't going to buy what a million dollars buys today. But what if that million dollars down the line can buy half as much as today?

What if you had half a million dollars today? You can give your children that headstart in their lives down the line.

This is a big part of why I'm doing insurance. I'm doing it for our kids. Yes!

The other part of why I'm doing it is to alleviate suffering and worry as a result of risk of injury, disease or loss of income capability.

I just noticed today that my eyes are no longer intensely tired like before.

Just finished a Zoom with Judy and JaneGano, who was a cancer specialist in conventional medicine decades ago, and has been in integrative medicine for the past 21 years.
She asked me to go to her centre and do a scan.

I'm excited for that.

She said I can afford to destress more.

Today, I want to sign up for the test, and to send my papers to Sabby.

Today, I have sent my stuff to Sabby.i haven't managed to sign up for the exam, tho'. I shall do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have multiple deadlines. I shall take it in stride. I shall breathe, and I shall enjoy the day. Amen.

I am a prolific, independent, best-selling author of stories that entertain, inspire and transform to glorious life in Christ, from which my readers derive great value and for which my readers show great gratitude by reading thousands of pages a day and paying me thousands in ringgit, dollars and bitcoin, amen.

I shall study and master the curriculum and access the exam, the PCE exam. And I pray thou make me a great success, and because I'm a success, anyone around me shall succeed as well.

I put the insurance matters into your hands. You lead me into a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey, in which there is gold and iron ore.

Yahshua, I look to thee to heal me and to prosper me and to use me as thy channel of life and blessing, amen.

I dedicate my body and physical presence on earth to thee, for you to live thy dream life through me.

Imagine if someone were completely paralysed and they just could watch the world go by. Imagine what thoughts go on in their head. They would wish they could do stuff. They might even envy the people of earth.

They might even chide those who were paraplegic for bemoaning their lot. "You're half mobile!" they'd think. "Give thanks, be grateful and use your half mobility to do something! There are people who are completely paralysed!"

I imagine that's how God would be on one level, having no body.

So,, I offer my body as a living sacrifice to thee, for thou to live your dream life through me. I pray that you would show me what your dream is, and show the world through me how to live like a GOD. Amen.

I'm living in a tropical paradise with my wife and son, and I'm thankful for it

I'm a prospective Prudential wealth planner. An "insurance salesman."

I'm an insurance salesman, a Prudential wealth planner. Why?

  1. Of obligations. I "need" cash flow to fulfill my obligations.

  2. Of necessity. I need to focus on my recovery and rehab. "Wouldn't it be great if someone just sponsored me with a monthly stipend that covered all my obligations and I could just focus on my treatments and meditate and worship?" I said to myself. "Yeah, who's going to do that?!"my mind replied. Anyway, I put this invention before the Lord and he showed me the path and led me down it. I contacted an old friend and hooked up with the Prudential Elite Development Programme, previously known as the Entrepreneur Development Programme. They'll match your salary for one year with a monthly allowance. In return, you need to make a certain quota and you'll receive the commissions on your sales. So the idea is that before the year is up, your commissions will more than cover the allowance, and you'll wean off it and have your own insurance business.

O3. Of realisation. Because of my recent stroke, I realised the importance of having medical insurance and of keeping your policy in force by keeping up your premium payments regularly. I've made it my mission to tell everybody who'll listen about this.

  1. Of inspiration. Do you ever wish you were born into wealth? It's impossible to go back in time and choose wealthy parents, but you can create a legacy of Wealth for your progeny. Take out a life insurance policy for yourself and when you "shuffle off this mortal coil," you'll leave behind a new legacy of generational wealth. It's in your hands. Pay it forward. You can be the change you seek. You can be the patriarch you wish you had.

  2. Of certainty and wisdom. Memento Mori." "Remember you will die." It's the only certainty in life. Use this certainty for good. Leverage on this only certainty in life and make a change for your progeny. You can be the first of a new lifestyle for your family. You can break the cycle of poverty and toil. Pay it forward. Be the patriarch you wish you had. Be the benefactor you wish you had. Be wise and turn the sure thing of your death into a brand new thing for your posterity. They'll thank you when they meet you in the afterlife. Jesus said to use temporal riches to build up sternal rewards in heaven. Use your money to enrich and bless people. This is how you turn temporal riches into eternal wealth.

Of course, the best way to go is healthy and old and in your sleep. I pray that will be the case for you. Buy whether that's how you go, or even in a plane crash, if you take out a life insurance policy on yourself, you will set up your progeny for life. And, God forbid, should critical illness befall you, let your insurance policy pay for your treatments. I'm grateful that God has provided amply for me through his generous people, but it remains true that those funds could be put to better use, if I had insurance cover for my recovery and rehab.


The electrified needles range in intensity from an itchy mosquito bite to a post-exercise ache to an ache from blunt force trauma like getting punched or kicked.

During today's acupuncture session, I had a vision of myself running in a grassy field flapping my arms like I was about to take off in flight. Haha.

If you're in a plane and the oxygen masks suddenly drop down, the most selfless thing you can do is to put yours on first. Secure your oxygen supply, then you can help with the children, elderly and disabled.

I feel that my job for now is to heal myself first, so that I can heal others next.

Make sure your oxygen supply is secured. If there's no emergency, practise breathing daily by meditating. Focus on your breathing while letting your mind ascend to things above (this is the meaning behind the name "themindscendence") for twenty minutes. If you can't do twenty minutes, do two until you can do twenty.

For now, my "job" will be:

  1. physio morning and night,

    1. acupuncture once a day,
  2. Meditation morning and night, and

4.studying for my insurance agent qualifying exam(PCE).

  1. Plus meeting up with old friends and family to celebrate life.

  2. And now I am ready for lunch. Later in the day, I wish to practise driving.

Some thoughts on pain during the acupuncture session just now: There are different kinds of pain. The pain of discipline. The pain of regret. The pain of growth. These taste different. The pains of discipline and growth taste bittersweet. The pain of regret tastes bitter. As biological beings, we instinctively avoid pain but are drawn to pleasure. We can train our minds to recognise bittersweet pain as pleasure, so that we'll seek it out. If we indulge in the pain of discipline and growth enough, we'll avoid the pain of regret.

Create a new relationship with pain.

This sounds like a BDSM relationship. Submissives need discipline. It's good for them. It's sweet pain, that's why they do it. People outside the relationship don't get it. Just like people outside gym culture don't get why people would want to punish themselves. Same for marathon runners.

There's an inside language that is not understood by outsiders.

I sold tell Brittany that I'd like to see her alone. I wonder what that'd do to her state of mind?

Maybe nothing. Maybe she'd also like that. Should we do it?

Do what? Have procreative sex? Definitely not. Have non-procreative sex? Maybe. Meet up and talk about truth? Definitely.

So, I just signed up for the PCE exam just now. Cynthia called me and Jason walked me through registering for the exam. I don't think I'd figured it out if not for Jason's pointers. The design of the website is totally non-intuitive.

I have 3angle work to do, and I have MpCoPy work to do.

I shall do those after this.

Come on, the hundred words more. What can I write about?

I can write about my harem. I choose to embody dominant masculine divine energy. And I choose to sponsor a harem for my feminine girls, where they can express their submission without shame and the denigration of this upside down feminist society.

They can instead choose to exercise true submissive femininity as a response to my dominant masculine divine energy. And as they exercise their submissive feminine divine energy, they will in turn elicit a response from dominant masculine divine men. To their happily ever after.

I am doing a valuable service here.

I don't know how three logistics of this harem will work out, only that it will. I submit it to God's hands.

Teenage girls might seem too young to this upside down world, but they're already getting along in age. There going to be adults soon, increasingly set in their ways. There's not much time for them to learn the submissive feminine divine ways.

If they embrace the sweet pain of discipline now, they won't have to taste the bitter pain of regret later on in life.

I choose to seek out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. I choose to mete out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. It is my service to my girls. And to all for whom I'm responsible.

I am creating a huge, hard, healthy body, an embodiment of pure dominant masculine divine energy, a reward and safe space for my submissive feminine divine girls.

I have no idea how this is going to work out, only that it is going to work out.

I have a vision, a mission and am intention for my submissive, feminine divine girls. That they might grow in their femininity and their submission, to their happily ever after.

I have been taking a paste concoction since I met up with JaneGano on Zoom the other day. The concoction is meant to clear up blood vessels and restore the flow of blood to the capillaries. The recommended dose is one a day for the first week, then two a day for the second week, then three a day for the third week. Since starting this for a week by today, I noticed my left hand is remarkably accurate in pressing switches. Is this because of the botanical paste or the punish
Physio or the acupuncture? Or is it a mixture of both? Practically, I don't care which is it, because I see improvement in my state. That's what's most important. Scientifically, the outlier for this week compared to last week, is the botanical paste, which itself consists of five ingredients: noni juice with Roselle, lion's mane mushroom, Hong T, soirulina and one more ingredient.


Yesterday was a tough day. Left hand seemed to have a setback. It seemed as if I lost control of it. I couldn't even press the light switches. Plus, I had a fall in the acupuncture centre yesterday, just inside the door, on the smooth floor, thankfully. Then I felt the pain in my left rib cage, which I had sustained injury on 1 Feb.

Memento Mori. Death is certain. What is uncertain is how each of us shall die. Well, I choose to die healthy and old and in my sleep. So be it, amen. That's what I choose to create, but as a safety net, I'll buy the GLG. And then Adeline shall buy the PruWealth Plus from me.M120 monthly for a half million ringgit payout on death, to set up Seth for life. That's cool. Who wouldn't want that? People who don't know about it. People who aren't eligible, like me. Is it true that I'm not eligible? I should confirm with Sabrina. Yes. Do it. You can do it. I am grateful that I did not knock my head yesterday. I am grateful that I can still hobble around with my stick. I'm not wheelchair bound. I am grateful that I can breathe and I can eat and I can go to the loo of my own accord. Amen. I thank thee.

I thank thee for beauty in the world. I thank thee for my family, my friends, my downlines, my customers and my prospects!

I'm feeling quite down, because my body doesn't work as it should, not at 100% capacity. Yet, I thank thee that it's infinitely above 0% capacity! And there are stroke victims and paraplegics who would look at me with envy, and I don't want to let them down. I'm going to get up our of my sickbed, and walk my way out of sickness into running, jumping health in the sun! For those who are looking at me and for Seth, and my dependents to come.

I'm feeling good right now, because I just bought a Great GLG policy from Gabriel, so if I die two years or more from now, Seth will get RM250K. That should give him a head start in life. Now I can die in peace. Now I can live in peace. But I aim to live till 80, and die healthy of body and sound of mind, in my sleep. Like Smith Wigglesworth.

Ha. I pray that thou wouldst make me a successful man, and because of me, all in my team, my uplines anddownlines, and my circle of friends and family.

I am a channel of God's blessing in this world.

I am a Prudential wealth planner candidate. What does this mean and why?

This means that my day job is to study and ace the PCE exam for insurance agents.

This means I will have another platform to bless my friends and family, the people around me.

This is because, with my recent stroke episode, I realise the importance of having medical insurance and keeping it in force.

I realise the importance of buying insurance while you're in good health.

I also daydreamed, Wouldn't it be nice if I were born into generational wealth? And I realised it was too late for me to be physically born again, but I could do something to set up my son for life, to give him a headstart. Memento Mori. There are few precious certainties in life, and the only certainty is that I will die. How and when I shall die remains to be seen (I choose to die aged, healthy, and in my sleep, like Smith Wigglesworth), but it is certain that I shall die. I can use this certainty to pay it forward and give my son a headstart in life with a life insurance policy (The "poor man's inheritance."). For a premium of hundreds of ringgit a month, I can leave a million or more for him when I die.

A life insurance policy determines what you will leave behind when you die.

Health and wellness products Android services will help influence how and when you will die.

Memento mori. Remember that you will die. Only then can you carpe that that diem.


I realise now that recovery and rehab is a full-time job, so I shall focus April to June on recovery and I shall be cutting back on other jobs.
I shall reserve my work days to acupuncture, rehab, physio, writing and inner work.

Just back from the last acupuncture session of this first cycle. Today, I learned something. Too turn up the intensity to the point of pain, then dial it back a bit. I feel like I've just got the hang of how to self-service the treatments, in these last three sessions.
Adeline had a chat with the doctor. He told her I had just begun to heal, and should carry on the treatments. So we signed up for another cycle of treatments. Then one of the nurses told Adeline that some patients did two sessions in a day, with a half-hour break in between, because they lived for from the centre, so did not want to travel every day. Interesting. Can consider that.

I realise to my chagrin, that I would fly off into a temper tantrum that would make a two-year-old proud. This illness is unearthing some deficiencies in my childhood. Some feelings of abandonment. I choose to outgrow those feelings right now, amen. And outgive my caregivers, especially Adeline.


I've gone and got a new job... Insurance sales! Why? Read here:

Just back from NASAM
RM150 assessment fee, paid by Adeline
Tracy is the admin
Miss Lim was the assessing physiotherapist

Miss Lim and Derek are the physiotherapists
Next physio is on Mon 4 Apr, 2 pm
Occupational therapy assessment is on Wed 6 Apr, 2 pm
Each session is RM60 +10 =70
Daily group exercise, 2 hours, RM300 a month. In person or on Zoom
Can apply for Hasanah funding for B40
Can apply for Perkeso, they'll send to a two-month "boot camp" in Melaka
Six months after the stroke is "golden window" of recovery, so push as much as possible in this window
If November is the date of the stroke incident, the window lasts until May 2022.

Miss Lim said I could sit for an OKU driving license for legal protection in case of accident
Miss Lim said I could apply for OKU status

"There are many benefits"


Today, I asked Dr Law about the difference between one session every day and two sessions every two days. He said that two sessions every two days was preferable, soi did two sessions today, separated by a half-hour break. First the left side, then a break, then the right side. It felt special today. After the acupuncture session, we went to deliver things to Jackie and she passed me a pack of Cool Treats through Adeline because she said people in my position would be stressed and need a break. I opened it and it turns out that it was vanilla soft serve coated in a chocolate shell. Incidentally, I was watching Moon Knight with Seth last night and he was carrying a box of Belgian Chocolates. I said to myself, I'd like to eat chocolate. I felt that the flavonoids or whatever inside the chocolates would do my healing good. Then this afternoon, I received chocolate coating soft ice cream. Note exactly what I'd like to eat (I shall go get some tomorrow), but the chocolate-coated ice cream looked like the Belgian chocolates in the show last night. In the car, I was praying for God to show me his support, and when I finished praying, Adeline came into the car with the Cool Treats from Jackie!
So, yeah, today was a special day.


I passed the PCE exam today, and can now officially sell insurance.

What this means is that I shall be meeting up with friends to catch up, talk about life, and talk about the wealth pyramid. I want to insure them against the mistakes I have made, and I desire that they may benefit from the strategies I've recently had my eyes open to, because of this stroke.
So, what the enemy intended for evil, Good turns for good.


As of yesterday, I noticed that I could do the hand-swinging qi gong exercise again, so that's great!


Much improved typing!


Wow, my typing went from 11 to 17 wpm this week!

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