Howl 2020

I found this poem on medium and found it interesting. It's not artistic in the classic sense and does not conform to the usual poetry style but it's raw and I like it.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by disinformation, believing total fabrications,

dragging themselves through the social media sites at dawn looking for an angry fix,

unable to critically think with reason and understanding while burning for the next conspiracy,

whose vote counts, whose theory mounts, whose truth is in tatters

The president lies, lawyers lie, politicians lie, your parents lie, you lie,

To yourself, your lonely existence pathetically staring at a screen for truth,

That which does not exist anymore, only in the minds of your forebears and even then they were wrong,

quelled by years of daily news delivery on paper and on tv, five o’clock, six o’clock, seven o’clock, eleven o’clock,

News that’s what they called it, an opiate for the masses to keep up with the goings on of their neighbors,

Replaced by Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, tiktok and thousands of false websites.

All of which amplify the loudest, stupidest voices for racsim, sexism, fascism, materialism, hundreds of isms.

All exist for you to feel better about your small, lonely existence, masturbating alone in your bedroom after posting pictures of your perfect life

A curated, fabricated life full of selfies, photobombs, laughing, smiling, living

A false life, a missing life, with no experience outside the walls of your mother’s basement

You may as well stayed in her womb where it was warm, comfortable and you were a parasite on her body.

You are a parasite on the world, creating nothing, inventing nothing, building nothing, doing nothing, and consuming everything

Presidents, congressmen, senators they are just pitchmen selling their master’s products door to door and on the internet

the internet of things is the internet of shit, the internet is shit, billions of pieces of shit swirling around a virtual toilet bowl

Refusing to be flushed out of your mind, false information stuck in your brain and mixed with porn and advertisements.

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