Has Facebook Reached Dive Bar Status?

Does anyone else feel like Facebook is reaching the end of a long descent from the happening place in town to a dive bar with a bunch of people sitting around playing remember when?   Once upon a time Facebook was the place to be.  Everyone was just getting on it and it was amazing when you saw yet another person you know had joined and wanted to be friends.  You would poke them and they might poke you back, not to mention the superpokes.  It was starting to blow past Myspace in popularity and everyone was starting to use it. This video hilariously summed up that moment in time.

Fast Forward 12 years and Facebook has now taken a darker turn.  It has become the meeting place for the over 40 crowd and possibly a recruiting ground for all types of extremist groups.  Meanwhile young upstarts like TikTok and Snap have lured a younger demographic.  It has gone from a bar that once hosted the hottest acts to on that now has classic rock playing on the jukebox non stop.

Perhaps this is the lifecycle of a company? Especially in the social media era, where popularity is ephemeral but screw ups last forever.


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