Happy Super Ad Sunday

Happy Super Ad Sunday everyone.  At $5,000,000 for a 30 second spot. this is the marketing event of the year.  The Super Bowl really isn't about football, it's about trying to sell us everything under the sun.  I guess it has been that way for at least 35 years or more.  One of the first major Ad's I can remember during the Super Bowl was the Apple 1984 Ad where the Mac was introduced. I'm sure the marketing phenomena started before that, but for some reason that moment crystalizes it for me.  I can remember watching it with awe.

I wonder what the ROI is for these commercials when compared with an equivalent spend on social media.  I'm willing to bet it would be better on Facebook or Snap.  However, the tradition of it all dictates the marketing.  The Super Bowl is like every brands debutante ball and this year is no different, despite the pandemic.

On a different note. Amanda Gorman's poem was awesome.


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