Green Bubble, Blue Bubble

What is the deal with the green bubble discrimination?  I will fully admit that I love my iphone and also really like imessage for general conversations with friends and family.  It is very nice knowing that our conversations are relatively private as indicated by a blue bubble.  I say "relatively private" because I still do not fully trust Apple, so for more sensitive conversations I use Signal.  

That being said I still do not agree with those who judge people who are green bubbles.  There are literally people who will not date someone who shows up as a green bubble.  Kids are also getting bullied because they are a green bubble.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Some of it is based on (mostly false) indicators of the economic ability of the sender since non-apple phones are associated with lower incomes.  Even though there are Android phones that cost MORE than iphones.  

It's frustrating that Apple could easily extend imessage onto other phones but they wont.  In many ways imessage is their killer app.  It keeps people locked in to their ecosystem with no way to escape without becoming a dreaded "green bubble"!  By doing so they are perpetuating bullying and discrimination.  Yet many still love their products, including me.

I think the long term solution will be to find a neutral messaging app.  Whatspp was that app until they screwed up and spooked their users with the recent privacy change.  Signal could be the next app but it needs to become more polished and consumer friendly.  It is a very usable app but needs some more visual panache to attract the general, non technical user.

Let the messaging wars continue....


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