The Internet of Shit

For many years we have been hearing about how ubiquitous the "Internet of Things" is becoming.  This is true, there are now smart devices for everything.  From temperature control to appliances to masturbation, everything has an IP address. The sad fact is the majority of it is unsecure crap. Littered with holes that not only expose the data of their users but can be used to perpetuate larger attacks on higher value targets.

For example, the Mirai botnet was composed of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable IOT devices.  This botnet attacked hosting providers and websites all across the internet.   While botnets are nothing new, our increased use of internet connected everything coupled with badly written software has served as a force multiplier.

Our quest for ever cheaper devices to do everything for us has brought us to this point.  We now have so many devices in our life that rather than simplifying it, they are making it more complex.  How many of these IOT devices can we truly rely on?  The answer is very few. Most of them are cool for the novelty but at the end of the day they are toys.  The problem is that they are toys that can do real damage.  Not only by becoming botnets but by exposing varied amounts of our own personal data.  Whether it is through software flaws or sketchy privacy policies, we still lose.  

I am by no means a technophobe but at the same time maybe your water bottle, pillow, and vibrator do not need an internet connection.


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