umm....Parler is back.

Yeah it happened.  Parler is back online.  Albeit with a new CEO.  I have to give them credit for getting back on-line but geez they are coming back to a changed world.  Over a month ago it was found that so much data was exposed through their allegedly lax security practices that the media was able to make a timeline of events at the capital from it. 

My hope is that the new CEO will bring some sense of sanity to the site but I am not holding my breath.  Mark Meckler founded the Tea Party movement and CSG.  The sad part of all of this is that the site will likely thrive and only get worse than it was.  I feel like many of the people on it are going to feel emboldened will only be more vitriolic.

One can only wonder at this point but if history is our guide, bad things are afoot...


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