For the love of God use a password manager!

Yes, please please please use a password manager.  Passwords are the key to our digital life and we are crappy at managing them ourselves.  Many people just resort to using either easily guessed passwords or the same password for every site (sometimes both).  This is a dangerous combination.  Easily guessed or cracked passwords are a no brainer.  However, even using the same complex password on every site, app, etc puts people at risk of credential stuffing.  Basically what happens is that when one site gets breached attackers will then try the passwords found there on tons of other sites.  Example, you sign up for website x, website x gets breached and your password and username are exposed.  People then take that data and try it on other sites like Amazon, Facebook, etc, etc.  If you had the same username and password for all of them, boom, they own your digital life.

Password managers help you avoid this by facilitating the creation and management of different passwords for each site or app you use.  Given the number of websites and apps we use, it would be near impossible to remember them all.  A good password manager will allow you to create complex passwords and even in some cases associated OTP tokens.  This allows you to create better bulkheads between your accounts.  This way if your password to youporn gets exposed it doesn't affect your Amazon or Instagram account.  

Most password managers are quite easy to use now with chrome extensions, web apps, and mobile apps.  Just make sure you pick one that has been independently reviewed and validated.  Some good ones are:

  • 1password
  • Bitwarden
  • Lastpass
  • Dashlane
  • Remembear
  • KeepassX
  • Truekey
  • and a bunch more ..

My two favorites are 1password and Bitwarden. 

I could further extol the virtues of using a password manager but at this point it would be repetitive.  So, For the love of God use a password manager!


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