Hollywood's Hypocrisy pt. 1

I am relatively left leaning person.  Registered Democrat my entire life, with some centrist views as well.  I am most definitely not a fan of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the like.  Not a day went by over the lat four years that we didn't hear the stance of some Hollywood star about how awful the Trump, Cruz or other Republicans were for <insert issue here>.  For the most part I agreed with them but at the same time many of these people are complete hypocrites.  They espose liberal values then act in the most entitled and awful manner. 

Lets face it many of the big Hollywood power players are high on their own supply and think they are gods.  It's not just the actors I'm talking about, it's also the directors, producers and studio owners.  Lets remember that many of these are the same people who use "Hollywood Accounting" to fuckover unwitting actors, actresses and crew.  For those who aren't familiar with it, Hollywood accounting lets studios play numbers games so that it looks like no profit was ever made from a movie.  With this accounting method, technically Return of the Jedi has not turned a profit.  Worse yet the actual actor for Darth Vader never made a dime because he agreed to Net Points.  This article sums it up.  This practice is used on pretty much every movie that Hollywood makes.  It's essentially screws people too poor to fight and gives out a token to those who do.  Many of the people employing this practice are the same people decrying poverty and income inequality in this country.

More on this tomorrow..


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