Hollywood's Hypocrisy pt. 2

Here is another example of Hollywood hypocrisy.  Whenever there is a disaster all the stars come together in some type of half assed benefit song or movement.  One of the most recent examples is the video of a bunch of them singing Imagine.  I get it, they want to start a movement but in reality it is self serving virtue signaling.  Kind of like "Hey look at me, I'm relevant" 

My other peeve is how Hollywooders preach inclusivity but practice exclusivity. Everything is about people's weight, what they have, how they look.  Are they on the A list, B list, no list?  Exclusive parties where many treat their staff like crap.  These are the same people who want to preach to us that we should live simple, be accepting, and treat each other well.  While I don't disagree with those sentiments, I certainly don't need to be preached to about it by people who do not practice what they preach.


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