The Recent Lastpass Brewhaha

For those of you who have been cruising Reddit lately you may have noticed a ton of hate for Lastpass.  This is one of the most silly controversies to come up lately but bears to reflection about customer service.  Lastpass announced last week that they would be severely limiting their free tier users to one class of device.  You can choose desktops/laptops or mobile devices but not both. So in order to sync you passwords with across device types you now need to pay for a subscription. This caused quite a few people to flee to other password managers with more robust free plans.  It seems like the largest number of people defected to Bitwarden.  Bitwarden has a very usable free tier that allows use on desktop/laptops and mobile devices, albeit with slightly limited functionality. It also has better pricing for its premium plan which only costs 10 dollars year.

On it's face this seems like a good business move by the bean counters at Lastpass.  However, it was a terrible decision.  While they are obviously pushing free users towards a paid tier of service or off their platform it ha served to piss off a bunch of users.  Those same users are taking this as a slight and now signing up with other services on their premium tiers.  Now not only has Lastpass lost user trust but they pushed potential customers to other paid services.  Yet another case of short term gain that will likely result in long term pain.  Especially since their platform has been rotting for several years already.


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