What is with all the surveys?

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is asking you to provide a review or take a satisfaction survey.  This is annoying.  I recently brought my car in for service and received no less than 3 text messages asking me to take their satisfaction survey and be sure to let them know if I wasn't going to rate them 5 stars.  Basically this tactic tries to juice their rating by making you feel bad about giving anything less.

This is the problem with reviews and surveys, in that it creates a perverse incentive for people to try to influence the result.  Some of this is good because it holds people to account but it also leads to people trying to game the system.  This over-reliance on raw numbers causes undo burden on both the provider and the consumer.  It leads to this cajoling for positive reviews rather than honest feedback.  

This happens for customer service phone calls, Amazon, car dealers, and many other places.  It seems like everywhere we go these days everything is being measured, with the cost being your time to fill out some survey that people will only passively read.

There has to be a better, less invasive way to gather customer feedback without constantly nagging them for positive reviews.  I don't have an answer at this point but boy is it frustrating.


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