Always On Culture

Our always on culture is becoming detrimental to people's mental and physical health.  It seems like these days there are 72 different ways to communicate and we have to check all of them.  Constants beeps, rings, notifications etc plague us 24 hours a day.  The need to check our facebook or instagram or snapchat or whatever the app de jour is also contributes to this.  In effect, we always have to be "on" ready to respond to messages, comment on someones post or up on the latest series on netflix.

Since the early 2000's we have been barreling down the tracks of always being connected.  Once myspace came along it was all downhill.  Now it is at the point where people get offended if you don't "like" their posts within a certain timeframe.  It's also hard to hide these days due to the myriad of ways our locations are tracked.  Many people setup family sharing groups for their phones and it is even now built into cars.  24x7 always on, no escape.  

This lack of downtime for our brains is not healthy.  Our brains are working overtime to process all of these communications and trying to prioritize (not to mention on endorphin hit we get from "likes".  This leads to sleep deprivation, fomo about what is going on RIGHT NOW, and even feelings of inadequacy.  Teenagers are the most susceptible to this though this affects people from all walks of life.  I miss being able to hide out in my room playing records without a care in the world.

The ironic part is that we are more connected than ever, yet more isolated and alone than ever.


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