Are Security Keys Viable?

Those of you who are nuts about security have probably heard about security keys.  The little button, nub, or USB stick that you touch to help authenticate to some various accounts.  These are the most secure way to use 2 factor authentication on your various accounts.  The problem is that only a handful of sites support them.  Google, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Slack are all onboard.  Unfortunately, many others are not.  Many major banks still have yet to support them and quite a few other other sites that offer other 2fa options like OTP or SMS still do not support security keys.  

Without a doubt security keys are the best solution.  The problem here is adoption.  Consumers need to purchase them.  Techies like me do, non-technical people like my partner do not.  Until we can find a way to get them in the hands of every consumer, I think that security keys are not a viable second factor authentication for the masses.


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