Vaccine Idiocracy

All in all the vaccine program in the US has been a total disaster.  It's hard to believe that we are the richest country on earth and still cannot get this right.  Anything of this magnitude is going to have problems, but many of our problems here are related to incompetence and cronyism.

For example, states are asking people to sign up on websites.  For those of us who are tech savvy that is great.  However, many of the targeted population is senior citizens.  Many of whom have no idea how to use the internet or are not very savvy.  It is hard to believe that no one saw this coming.  The situation is so bad that there are people creating facebook groups to organize training for seniors.  This also presumes that people have access to the internet.  In this day and age having no internet connection may seem weird, but it is a reality.

The states need better outreach programs to sign up and inform people and they need to do it without requiring an internet connection


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