Encryption for Dummies :)

Encryption sounds like such a daunting concept to many people.  Something used by spies, the military and what the lock in the browser means.  However, the though of an encrypting a file scares the devil out of people.  Thoughts of all this crazy techie stuff they need to do fills their heads and their eyes go cross eyed. 

What many people don't realize is that they can encrypt files with many zip programs like 7zip, Winzip, and Keka.  Granted, the default encryption is pretty weak but most have options to turn on AES-256 encryption.  Then all they need to do is zip the files with a password and send to someone to decrypt with the password.  No public/private key required.  It is a perfect solution, no.  Is it sufficient for most people, yes.  

This should be in most people's toolbox when sending files that contain PII rather than just relying on S/MIME.


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