I love me some headphones.  Currently, I have three pairs that rotate through.

  • Master & Dynamic MH40 Wired Headphones
  • Master & Dynamic MW65
  • Beats Studio 3

I guess you could say I'm addicted.  Each has its use though.  I use the Beats Studio's for watching TV because they auto-pair with my AppleTV.  I use the MH40's to listen to music at home through a Dragonfly Red DAC and the sound is pretty damn good.  Finally, I use the MW65's for when I travel or want to listen untethered.

I think the MW65's might sound a smidge better when plugged in but it hard to tell.  Their wireless performance is pretty good but still not as good as wired.  Especially with an HD music format.  The Beats are mostly crap but pretty decent for watching Tv.

I have definitely spent more than I should on music accessories but hey I love listening to music of various types and almost live with headphones on so it is probably worth it.


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