Standard Notes has changed my life

I guess it may be derivative of me to write a note about Standard Notes but I have to say it.  Standard Notes really has changed my life.  When I signed up I committed to writing something everyday for 100 days and have stuck to it.  Most of it gets posted on  I am definitely not Shakespeare or even John Grisham but it is fun.  I have also noticed that sitting down and writing something random every night has greatly improved my ability to things I have to (like work documents). 

Sure, I could do the same thing is MS Word or Google Docs and post to medium but I think it is the simplicity of Standard Notes that makes it attractive.  It doesn't presume to be anything more than a basic app with a bunch of very good extension.  I think the lack of clutter also helps with focus.  I also cannot say enough about their support.  I have contacted them twice on reddit and they have replied within hours and resolved my issue.  This type of attention is pretty rare these days.  The only other company I have had this experience with is 1password. 

I also enjoy knowing that my data is relatively secure and I am not the product.  There is no personal data sharing going on, or scraping of my profile to monetize me.  They charge a fair price for a fair service.  Many kudos.


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