Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden (the password manager du jour) introduced a shiny new feature last week.  It's called Bitwarden Send, and it could be a quite useful feature.  It allows a user to create a link to encrypted messages or files of up to 100mb to people.  This link can then be sent via email, text messages, instant message, etc.  This allows someone to easily send fully encrypted information to anyone else regardless of platform.  It also allows you to add a password so the person needs both the link and an associated password to access the data.  

It also has some additional features that are quite useful.  Including specifying the maximum number of accesses and setting an expiration date for the link as well as a deletion date for the actual message or file.  This allows you to make the data relatively ephemeral. 

I think this feature could be quite useful for sharing things with friends, partners, etc that you want to ensure is secure and kept somewhat under control.  I say somewhat because once a message has been copied or a file is downloaded you have essentially lost control of the data.  However, this will ensure that the data stays secure in transit regardless of the platform you are using.  So it is especially useful if you aren't using e2e encryption for your messaging service (although you should be doing that too).  Overall, I think the feature represents Bitwarden adding more value to their already awesome product.  Two thumbs up.


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