Protecting Yourself When Assisting with Camping Trips

Things you use:
  1. Setup a bitwarden account to manage your passwords.
  2. Download and use Signal for person to person messaging needs.  You can also use Keybase if you require functionality similar to Slack.
  3. Setup a Protonmail email account.  Use this account for all related email communications.
  4. Download Standard Notes for storage of any\all related written materials you would like to protect
  5. While I am skeptical of the claims made by VPN providers, they do have their uses.  If you would like to use a VPN, I recommend either NordVPN or ProtonVPN, both are solid choices.
  6. Download and use Firefox for browsing.  Do not use this for other, non-related browsing (ie: your normal email account, etc)
  7. For your search needs use DuckDuckGo (and set your Firefox homepage to it)

Things you do:

  1. When camping (or protesting) disable biometric unlock on your phone (FaceID, TouchID, etc).  You cannot be compelled by police to give up a passcode to your phone but you may be compelled to provide your face or fingerprint.
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication for all accounts that offer it.

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